Our antennas are designed to last, be functional and efficient and cover specific needs, such as portability, bandwidth, tailored frequency of operations and of course a e s t h e t i c s when it applies...

What we Offer?

Our SKYNEXT ™ antennas comprises the Design Series and the Portable Series. Design Series are state of the art indoor antennas for the exigent audiophile and DX reception enthusiast. Our Portable Series are directional antennas mainly used for various theatres of operations, such as : wildlife conservation, rescue and disaster relief operations.


Our products use MILSPEC materials with durability in mind for operation in the harshest conditions. We offer a good compromise between weight, weight balance, durability, and wind surface.


Real world antennas are always a compromise between large bandwidth and high "Q" . Aerial-Tuning™ linear actuation of radiating elements allow our antennas to work at their best in wide bandwidth single-channel operation and makes re-tuning fast and easy.

Aesthetics & Design

At SKYNEXT, we think that design and eco-friendly are synonymous, That's why we offer wooden radome antennas for indoor use. At last an antenna that you will be proud to show around !

Our Product Series

Antennas come in a profusion of shapes and uses. At SKYNEXT, form follows function.