SKYNEXT Tactical Series

390 Mhz 3 element directional loop antenna

Our SKYNEXT Tactical Series are VHF/UHF antennas tailored for terrain operation. Available in different camo variations, they are discreet, lightweight, robust and provide excellent performance.

Key Features :

  • 9 dBi Gain
  • MILSPEC Teflon coated silver plated copper wire, multi-strand
  • PPR radome with camo foil
  • Fiberglass struts
  • ABS Boom
  • 50 ohms BNC socket
  • Ferrite core two-stage balun
  • Ball joint fitting for telescopic extender
  • Usable in horizontal or vertical polarization modes
  • 100W P.E.P.

SKYNEXT Design Series

Design Series FM Broadcast Reception Magnetic Loop Antenna

Magnetic Loop Antennas as renowned for their high Q, small form factor, and excellent nulling abilities. Our SKYNEXT design series are made of Silver Plated Copper Litz wire, and Cherry wood pedestal and tuning box. A tuning knob will allow you to tune your antenna properly.

Key Features :

  • 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm version with gold plated Female BNC Connector
  • 10W P.E.P. (usable for small power transmissions)
  • Acrylic insulated Silver Plated Copper Litz Wire, for decreased resistance (a prime factor in Mag Loops)
  • High-Quality Industrial Variable Capacitors for tuning
  • Indexed Tuning knob with frequency display, calibrated at our facility
  • Cherry wood marble loaded pedestal for mechanical stability
  • Wood enclosure for tuning capacitor and aesthetical tuning knob
  • Available in FM broadcast (88-108 Mhz) and HF (3.5 ~ 30 Mhz) editions (ideal for the SDR HF enthusiast)

SKYNEXT Telco Series

4G LTE 18dBi loop directional antenna

Directional 4G LTE (1800 Mhz) designed for end point user access to the LTE network in long distance point to point links. Suitable for MIMO operation using two antennas, vertically stacked.

Key Features :

  • 18 dBi gain
  • PPR radome and polystyrene structural boom
  • integrated broadband balun and SMA female connector
  • 8W P.E.P.