Who we are


Best Performance in Harsh Conditions.

We, at SKYNEXT, create antennas that deliver. It’s well known for antennas engineers that designing a well-performing antenna is a difficult balance. We will never compromise quality. That’s why we select the best materials for a given field of operations. Silver plated copper Teflon wire is our conductor of choice for Tactical antennas, that will ensure lowest ohmic losses. When it comes to radome dielectric we always choose the ones with lowest loss tangent, namely Polystyrene, Polyurethane foam structural elements, PPR and PE tubing for radomes.

We love tuning

Our terrain tactical antennas are reflector-tuned models. As such, you can fit your antenna to your center frequency.

As a matter of Q

Q means quality factor, a fancy name to indicate antenna bandwidth and sharpness of antenna tuning. A high Q antenna will perform really well at the design frequency, at the expense of out of resonance operation, At SKYNEXT we create antennas that perform well in terms of return loss (-3dB bandwidth) for all the band it is supposed to serve. Our tuning design allows, as stated above, to offset the center frequency in order to serve a somewhat different frequency plan.

Durability in mind

Our Telco and Tactical Series radomes are coated in UV resistant films and are scratch resistant. We subject our models to stringent testing in various theatres to ensure that you can always count on your antenna in field operations.

Profuse documentations and open specifications

We have nothing to hide. Every antenna comes with a custom VNA testing report and all radio-electrical and mechanical specifications

Tailor-made antennas? That’s possible.

At SKYNEXT, we can design an antenna based on our series that’s tailor-made. Provide us your constraints and needs, and we’ll make it if it is in the realm of the feasible.